The following is a list of 信仰ways学院 2022 courses and electives. 这些将给你一个很好的想法,期待什么!



牧师教导的圣经. 威廉赖利

《赌博导航所有网站大全》是如何形成的? 圣经有哪些不同的部分和区域? 我们如何驾驭它? 最重要的是什么是圣经的故事, 贯穿全书的单一叙事, 为什么这对我们很重要?

神学博士. 德里克孵化

这门课的重点是探索神, 我们如何看待上帝, 以及别人对上帝的看法.



“Weird or Radical: Following Jesus without Going Anywhere” taught by John Inscore Essick

Students in this class will explore the lives and Christian discipleship of Simon Stylites (d. 公元459年)和诺维奇的朱利安(公元459年). 1430). 

Simon was a Christian most remembered for living on top of a pillar near Aleppo, 在叙利亚呆了30多年. 西蒙并不是唯一一个这样生活的基督徒, and there are still Christians today who are following Jesus in this way. 

Julian was an influential English mystic and theologian who followed Jesus by confining herself for life to a small room attached to a church. Many Christians stopped by to ask her advice and receive her insights about God.

I have chosen these two historical figures because they exhibit the kind of imagination, 承诺, 根深蒂固, and creativity necessary to point to Jesus in ways that are difficult to ignore or dismiss. They also raise important questions about the power, relevance, and influence of “holy people.”


This class will invite the students to develop a project which 1) depicts the difference between “weird” and “radical” as exemplified historically by Christians Simon Stylites and Julian of Norwich and 2) depicts/embodies/portrays how the distinction might be/is being lived out in a contemporary context.


"Radical Forgiveness: 信仰 and Criminal (In)Justice" taught by Dr. Caliesha Comley


在这个课堂上, we will use Bryan Stevenson’s memoir “Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption,” to illuminate stories of people wrongfully convicted by and punished within the U.S. 刑事司法制度. Stevenson’s experience as a lawyer for disadvantaged clients who are facing the death penalty shows the complexity of being human as well as structures of inequality, 比如种族主义和贫困, 这会影响我们的行为和人际关系. 这些故事将使我们更接近于理解, 去治愈这个充满罪恶和伤害的世界, 正义与仁慈可以共存.

Together we’ll reimagine a faith-informed approach to justice that relies on forgiveness instead of punishment. We will strive to answer these central questions: In what ways do our cultural norms and social structures of revenge and punishment contradict divine capacity for redemption? How can we be active in creating a new system of justice that recognizes human dignity and the ability to heal?


Students will create a visual representation of renowned prison abolitionist Angela Davis’ charge to “imagine a constellation of alternative strategies and institutions” to replace policies of punishment that hurt our relationships and communities, placing special emphasis on the church and their own capacity as future leaders of social change.



“耶稣是山羊:体育作为一种精神实践”由Rev. 威廉赖利

Paul tells us to do all things for the glory of God, but what about sports? 我们怎样通过运动来荣耀神? 在这个课堂上 we will explore how sports can become moments of spiritual practices that deepen our connection with God. We will also allow the lessons we learn from sports to inform our understanding of our holistic spiritual habits. 最重要的是,我们要玩一些游戏!

The class will be structured in short conversations followed by games such as Chicharino, St. 保罗·鲍尔,嘎嘎·鲍尔和匹克鲍尔. Therefore, to participate please wear athletic clothes and shoes you are comfortable running in. However, you do not have to be in great shape or athletically skilled to participate. 我既不.

“Playing with God: Using Play and Joy to Connect with God and Find Your Purpose” taught by Dr. 米歇尔•约翰逊 

我们与上帝的关系常常被视为一件非常严肃的事情, 我们经常强调思考, 研究, 经文背诵, 和经文分析作为我们与上帝联系的主要方式. While all these activities can be excellent methods for deepening our understanding of God, when we overemphasize these activities to the exclusion of others, 有时它使我们忘记了上帝是一个创造者, 快乐的, 顽皮的上帝.  在这个课堂上, we will useful playful techniques that help us to connect with our emotions and bodies in order to explore the playful, 快乐的, 和上帝创造的一面.  

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